Cell Phone Cleaning Pads Imprinted with Your Logo or Design.

Promote your Business and Fight Smudges & Grime at the Same Time!

Works on Tablets and Laptops too.

Super Cleaning Stickers not only promote your business, but are a practical cleaning tool!

Speedily cleans LCD screens on a variety of digital devices-from Smartphones and iPhones to laptops, tablets, iPads and MP3 players. Your customers will all get in line for this quick and easy screen-clean.

The Super Cleaning Sticker makes quite a promotional impression-besides cleaning a digital device's screen, it's also customizable with your company information, logo and even a QR code if desired. The Super Cleaning Stickers are a fantastic advertising tool for nearly any business or organization- from sports teams, medical practices and banks to computer stores, real estate offices, corporate promotions and heart-of-the-community local run businesses. Embracing the digital world, these amazing microfiber cleaning pads are the perfect promotional product. In this convenience driven age in which we all conduct business and try to connect with our varied customer base by electronic gadgets, the Super Cleaning Sticker is perfect for getting your message across. Once your customer has their own Super Cleaning Sticker, they'll wonder how they ever did without it!

Practical for Both Everyday Use and Business Marketing

All of our products are premium promotional marketing tools designed to get your custom printed company information to the public arena. The Super Cleaning Sticker is fully customizable with your company's promotional marketing information.

Making a lot of noise at trade shows and other events, the Super Cleaning Stickers are the perfect promotional product for your company. They will quickly become an indispensable advertising promotional tool for you-not only at events, but anywhere and everywhere that your customers and potential customers are using a digital device.

The Super Cleaning Stickers are perfect for use in promotional marketing in diverse industries. From medical practices, marketing companies, sports teams, real estate offices, banks and computer stores to independently owned businesses, the Super Cleaning Stickers make an intense promotional impact. Used for corporate giveaways, trade shows, in house promotions, and more, the Super Cleaning Stickers herald your company's arrival on the scene or reinforce an already existing powerful brand.

The Super Cleaning Sticker is a product that is practical, yet has certain flair-it will definitely draw attention to your company or organization-it is seen and used regularly in public places and gives a sense of novelty and ownership pride to its possessor. Now that everyone is spending multiple hours using their cell phones, tablets or laptops, the Super Cleaning Sticker will give you a great return on your promotional dollars due to being used on the go-wherever people congregate or conduct business.

Lasts and Lasts

Our Super Cleaning Stickers are fantastic for extended, long term use.

Made for many, many uses, the Super Cleaning Stickers come with a gel-backing adhesive which can be quickly removed from the surface of the device that is displaying your promotional advertising information. It can then be put back on after use, ready for the next time. The gel-backing can be refreshed when needed. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and then re-adhere to the iPhone, netbook, Nook, Kindle, Android or other smartphone.

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